Standing leave balance

Hello everyone,
I read a blog post by Megan, who wrote about a concert she attended recently. I liked that even she promised to post for the rest of 2021. I am amazed that everyone is holding to that ray of light. Everyone wishes to head back to work for better communications. Everyone is dying to take a vacation and travel around with no laptops chimes, or work email anxiety in a shower. I am desperately waiting for this pandemic to get over. I want to travel and utilize my pending leaves at work. I had plans to see snowfall this year. With my health conditions, I cannot plan out my vacation. I haven’t accomplished my travel goals yet. When I had time to travel, I didn’t make enough money. And when I have sufficient to travel, I don’t have time. That’s the irony of life!
Remember to live your life wherever you are stuff. Be thankful for your life and the loved ones around you. We will suffer the pandemic and breath freely again.
So, how many of you called a friend after reading my blog from earlier today? I did call my best friend and she provided me updates. We put on the planner hats and spent some time talking about the upcoming months. We like to plan and sleep on it.

Thank you Megan for the amazing blog πŸ™‚ It has motivated and charged me πŸ™‚

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